Getting Together For The Holidays | BR Edition

Only one more day until Christmas! As this is by far my favorite holiday, I have had a countdown since Black Friday. I remember how excited I would get when I was younger about opening presents and spending the day with loved ones. Not much has changed since then, except that I care more about getting together with family during the holidays than receiving presents. Although, I was already able to open one very special present that I am excited to share with you guys, the true meaning of Christmas is that of love and togetherness, which I long for more and more now that I am getting older. I love taking roadtrips to NC, singing in the car and seeing the exits pass us until we finally arrive to my parents house. Getting together for special occasions, such as this is what I look forward to the most and is what makes the holidays truly special. Now, if you are one of those people that tend to procrastinate with your Christmas shopping, here is one of my very favorite items of this seasons, and if you are following my instagram page you probably know that I have not taken it off since I received it a few weeks ago. This Faux Fur Bomber jacket from Banana Republic is such a must have piece for the Winter months and makes for a great Christmas present for that fashionista in your life. I have paired it for a more casual look with jeans and a simple tank top, but also like to switch it up when I want to look more sophisticated with my Banana Republic Button-Wrap Denim Skirt pictured below, which is a great piece for your work wardrobe as well. Both of these a selling quickly so you better hurry. That being said I wish you all good luck on your last minute shopping but most of all I hope you all have a blessed and merry Christmas! 

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jacket: here (vest version: here) | skirt: here


*This is a sponsored post, all items have by chosen by me and opinions expressed are my own.

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