The City of Lights

This post was scheduled to be publish last Friday, just as I was getting ready to write about my recent trip to Paris, I heard of the horrible events that were transpiring in one of my favorite cities at that exact moment. I was truly heartbroken to hear of all the innocent lives that were lost and felt that I could not continue with my post as I had planned. Today, a week after these tragic events I want to share some of the beautiful images that I took in Paris this past September. Although my love for Paris can be credited in part to it's culture, history and romantic vibes that you can't escape even if you wanted to, the truth is that I fell in love with this city at the age of 19, when I decided to make the bold decision to move to France without speaking a word of French or knowing anyone that lived there. This is probably a decision I am most proud of. I often remember those times, how much I learned about myself and how I grew up overnight living away from my parents for the very first time. This was easily one of the hardest, yet happiest times of my life, and as I walked the streets of Paris, eight years later, I felt a sense of that old me and couldn't help but to fall for Paris all over again. There is nothing that could dim the City of Lights for me, even on days where it seems as though there is no hope for humanity! Stay safe my friends, wherever you may be and remember that "Love is the KEY".


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