London Town

Considering how many times I have been to Europe, heck I am from Europe, I can't believe this was my first time to London. Although this city has always been on my Wanderlist, I have never gotten around to visiting until this year. The nice thing about traveling to London is that you don't have to struggle with any language barriers, well unless you don't speak English. That's where the similarities end, it really took me a while to get used to the "opposite" way of life, from crossing the street to walking on an escalator everything is different and it plays tricks with your mind. Another thing I noticed in London that was a bit different from other European cities, is the pace of life. I feel like everything is quiet rushed in London especially if you are traveling during the work week. Everyone seems to be in the biggest hurry, which makes it a bit difficult to take things easy as a tourist, you feel like you need to join the race in fast walking. That aside, London is such a large city, with so many amazing places to visit that you definitely need more than three days to fully get to know the city. One word of advise: do extensive research when booking your lodging. We had pretty bad luck booking a flat through Airbnb, the flat itself was not bad but it was right across from a "single men's homeless shelter/rehab center. Can you imagine the look on our faces when we got there? Talk about a "FAIL" moment. We ended up cancelling the reservation, and spending 4 hours in a Starbucks trying to come up with plan B. Also, keep in mind that the plugs in London are different from the standard European power plugs, that was also a nice surprise, fortunately, Starbucks is filled with lots of friendly strangers who don't mind charging your phone for you. As we visited at the end of September, we weren't sure how the London weather would treat us, but we did hit the jackpot on that, as you can see in all of the pictures. We didn't do any "touristy" activities besides a boat tour, which I highly recommend, it's very informative, but fun at the same time (and there is a bar on the boat - win!). If you are planning on visiting London yourself, I hope this brief overview of my visit helps in the planning process. 

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