Destination: Charleston

Charleston is one of my very favorite cities on the East Coast. You may ask, "what is it about Charleston that makes it so great," and my answer is "Where do I begin..."
For one, Charleston is a city with personality. Unlike many other cities in the U.S., it has been founded in the late 1600's and the history is still very evident through its architecture and overall warm and romantic feel. This is probably also why so many brides choose this as their wedding destination, and that is exactly what brought me back to beautiful Charleston two weeks ago. From the horse drawn carriages that fill the streets to the homes and buildings that date back to the Civil War era, you cannot help but feel as though you have traveled back in time. If you have the opportunity to make a trip to this South Carolina city, you will definitely not regret it.

Food Stop
Any time I am in Charleston I cannot help but indulge in the great southern food this city has to offer. The seafood is delicious, but the BBQ is not far from it either. The Southend Brewery & Smokehouse is one of my go-to spots, mostly for it's delicious Mac & Cheese, but everything else on the menu is worth a try as well. Some other great restaurants are Pearlz Oyster Bar, Five Leaves Cafe, Magnolias and Halls Chophouse.  

Fun Things To Do Around Town
I don't think you could ever run out of things to do in Charleston, but here are my top picks if I absolutely had to choose (in no particular order of course).
1. Carriage rides
2. Magnolia Plantation
3. Shopping/City Market
4. Charleston Harbor Tours
5. Waterfront Park
6. Fort Sumter

For the Night Owls
If you are looking for a night out in Charleston, there are quiet a few bars downtown, that you can easily hop between. On our last trip we went to The Rooftop at the Vendue Inn, which provided a great view of downtown Charleston and overall great atmosphere. If bars are not your thing you could always go on a Ghost Tour, which I heard is a lot of fun.

Here are a few photos from my very last trip this September.

Outfit Details
dress - Fab'rik boutique

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