Rocksbox Subscription Review & Discount Code

Hello lovelies! Today I am back with an exciting post, I just received my first Rocksbox! This little box was such a pleasant surprise, and filled with some amazing jewelry. If you haven't heard of Rocksbox, it's a jewelry subscription much like many of the fashion subscriptions out there, except that it comes in the cutest packaging and is very customized to your personal style. Although I love to wear jewelry, I am not the kind of person that goes on an accessory shopping spree, shoes and bags are my weakness, but when it comes to jewelry, I simply get bored after wearing the same piece a few times and move on to something else. That is what I love about Rocksbox, you receive three items which you can wear and ship back or you can keep them for a fraction of the original price. To be more specific here are 5 reason why I am a huge fan or Rocksbox:

1. The jewelry is high quality and very on trend.
2. Your box not only comes in the cutest packaging, but also with a personal message just for you.
3. It is very affordable ($19/month) and perfect for those that don't want to wear the same jewelry all the time.
4. Can you make jewelry shopping any more convenient? I don't think so.
5. Easy return with a prepaid envelope.

And if you are wondering what the sign up process entails, here are the easy steps:
1. Sign up, takes less than 5 minutes
2. Take a short quiz to let them know what type of jewelry you want to receive
3. Wait for your box
4. Show off your new jewelry
5. Buy or ship back to Rocksbox

Last but not least, you can try this subscription free for one month by using my discount code: thetravelingstilettosxoxo, and dont forget to follow @thetravelingstilettos on facebook and instagram.

Below are some detailed pictures of the contents of my first Rocksbox. If you have been debating on signing up for this subscription I hope that this information will answer all of your questions and that you will enjoy your box just as much as I do. 

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