How To Put Together A Look Under $50

Recently I started working on a post about personal style and the difference between high end and affordable fashion. Personally, I don't differentiate my own clothing depending on the price tag, my closet is filled with brands that fall within various different price points, but I wanted to see if I could put together a complete look with items that were priced on the lower end. I gave myself a budget, which for this purpose was $50, with the goal that I would walk away with a great summer look that didn't look "cheap". Honestly, I thought this challenge would have been much harder, but I found that you really don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look and feel great. So here is how and where I found the pieces that made up one of my favorite looks in Cabo: Top:  $8 - TjMaxx (previously purchases)Shorts: $14 - Marshall'sShoes: $12 - Charlotte RusseBag:  $15 - H&M
I rounded the amounts up to the closest dollar and still ended up $1 below budgetNow, I won't say that I put this look together within an hour, I definitely ended up shopping around until I was able to find pieces that were both within my given price point as well as something I would actually wear. The hardest part was finding shoes I liked that didn't throw me over budget, and I must say that these floral wedged sandals were definitely the best item I picked up during this challenge, not only do they look great and feel comfortable, but they were freaking $12 dollars, that's just insane!?! I ended up getting so many compliments on them while I was in Cabo, which shows that you can put together a great look no matter what budget you are working with. 

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