70's Inspired Look - Cleveland

Have you ever heard horrible things about a city, but felt pleasantly surprised after visiting? Well, that's exactly how I would describe what I experienced in Cleveland. As you guys know, I spent last weekend in Ohio's capital for an early mother's day celebration. May I mention that I really didn't know much about Cleveland and it's history before my visit. I was lucky enough to have a great Uber driver who definitely missed his calling and should have been a tour guide. He gave me  a 20 minute introduction to this city and all it has to offer. First of all, did you know Cleveland is the birthplace of Rock 'N' Roll? Yea, me either. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is definitely one of the main attractions, along with some great restaurants, Playhouse Square theaters, Museum of Art, and a gorgeous new park right by the lake, just to name a few of the places I was able to visit during my short stay. 

On our first day I wore this dark beige Shirt Dress from H&M, (side note: if you haven't seen their latest collection, it's definitely worth a look, I found some great and versatile pieces). I didn't truly mean for this outfit to be 70's inspired, but after receiving several comments about my "70's Look" I guess I felt compelled to name it as such. 

Here is how you can recreate the look. (not all items are exact, some may be similar)

Dress: H&M.com
Shoes: 6pm.com (similar)
Bag: ebay.com (no longer sold at Coach, but here it is on ebay)

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