Why Today Is The Perfect Day To Follow Your Dreams

On this day two years ago, I packed my life into a car and moved to Atlanta, leaving behind my safe and comfortable life for the unknown. To say that the decision was a difficult one would be an understatement. I would be lying if I said that there weren't moments I wanted to just say “screw it, I am moving back,” but I sucked it up and dealt with the difficult and lonely moments that came from moving to a new city on my own, leaving behind close friends, family and my previous career. The truth is that so many of us feel stuck in a career, city, or situation they are unhappy with but are afraid of the unknown and choose to leave their aspirations and dreams for tomorrow until tomorrow seems too late. Personally, I believe it’s never too late, and today is the perfect day to start moving towards the dream you are secretly dreaming. I cannot guarantee that you won’t fail, but I know that regardless of the outcome, you will feel a sense of pride and personal growth from following your heart instead of playing it safe. I still remember driving out of my parent’s driveway that Sunday afternoon, tears rolling down my face, my stomach turning and the scared feeling that overcame me. Today, I cannot imagine what direction my life would have taken had I not made that decision two years ago. I am beyond blessed to call Atlanta my “home” and I am grateful for the opportunities my move has offered me both professionally as well as personally. Regardless of how big or small your goals are, I hope that you find the strength within yourself to make your own “move” towards happiness and personal development, today is the day you can change the rest of your life, make it count.  

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