Comeback Trend of 2015 - Flare Jeans

We all know that trends come and go and then come again, it's like an eternal fashion cycle, and if there is one comeback trend that gets me excited every single time it's the "Flare Jeans" or  as some like to call them "Bell Bottoms". Deep down I secretly wish I lived through the 70s, that's how much I love this trend. I knew that it was a great idea to keep all of my flares from a few years ago when they briefly made an appearance and now that this is definitely the comeback trend of 2015, I am looking forward to seeing how designers will freshen up this familiar look. Here is my favorite pair of flare jeans by Seven Jeans. 

jeans: Seven
top: H&M
blazer: Xhilaration (Target)
bag: MMS 
heels: Jessica Simpson

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