Guide To Buying Christian Louboutins

"A woman can carry a bag, 
but it’s the shoe that carries the woman."
- Christian Louboutin

Most women are in love with the beauty that is the Louboutin shoe, and if you are thinking about splurging for the perfect red bottom there are tons of things to consider. Buying Christian Louboutin shoes is not as simple as it may seem, besides dropping over a grant for a pair of shoes there are many things to consider and know before stepping a foot into the CL boutique. Here is a quick guide to finding your perfect red "sole mate".  

Things to Know

1. Sizing 
Christian Louboutin shoes are sized differently than other designer shoes, to be more specific, you may need to go 1 size sometimes 1.5 sizes bigger than your usual shoe size. This will also depend on which model you are interested in but from my experience every pair I tried comfortably was at least 1 size bigger than all of my other shoes.

2. Models
When it comes to choosing the right pair there are tons of options, every season new models are introduced, but you will notice that there are some frequently used names like Decollete, So Kate, Follies, Fifi, etc. The difference in these are primarily the type of tip (round, pointy) as well as the thickness of the heel. Before going to a LB store I would suggest to do some research on their website first so that you have some understanding of what style you like or don't like.

3. Heel Height
The heels of LBs are measured in millimeters (mm), the most common heel sizes are 85mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm. Personally I prefer not to go over 100mm which are 4 inch heels, this is mostly due to comfort, but that all depends on what you consider comfortable.

4. Where to Buy
Of course your first option will always be a Louboutin boutique because there you will find the most current and broad selection of LBs, however, if your city doesn't have one, you can always try a high end department store like Neiman Marcus or Saks, which is actually where I ordered two of my pairs because the size I needed was sold out everywhere else. In addition you can order your red bottoms online on the official website (I say official website because there are tons of knockoff sites so be aware!). Another risk of buying online is getting the wrong size, yep this has happened to me as well, so I suggest to visit a store first so that you know your "LB size".

5. Taking Your Time
If you want to purchase Loubs for a special event start shopping early, these shoes are so high in demand that you will frequently encounter your size being sold out, or just the model and color you are interested in. I have had to wait 3 months for my shoes to come in so take your time and plan ahead.

Why Louboutins?

1. Quality
All of Christian Louboutin shoes are handmade in Paris or in Milan, which adds to the quality factor. These are definitely not shoes you will wear once and throw away. I have seen these last for quiet some time, however, you do need to take care of them if you want to wear them for a while. I suggest wiping down the inside and outside with baby wipes, it works like a charm and is gentle enough for the leather.

2. Beauty
It's hard to match the beauty of Louboutins, or should I say sexiness. There is something about the way they are designed that makes your legs and feet look amazing. You simply feel sexy wearing them, and I give props to any shoes that can do that. I have never been as infatuated by handbags as I have by shoes, that is probably why I love my red bottoms.

3. The Red Bottom
Speaking of red bottoms, the thing that sets Christian Louboutin apart from other high-end designers are of course the signature red soles. As you wear your shoes the red lacquered sole will of course scratch off a bit, but personally I think that gives the shoe even more personality. 

Things To Consider

1. Availability 
Besides the fact that CLs are sized very differently from any other shoes, once you do figure out your size it may also be a challenge finding it available online, at a CL boutique, or at one of the luxury department stores that carry them. Be prepared to wait a while if you have a specific style in mind.

2. Comfort/Discomfort
Although I love my Louboutins, I wouldn't call them the most comfortable designer shoes on the market, make sure to pick the right height and style of shoes if you want to splurge on these babes. I guess "that is the price you pay for beauty..."

3. Price
Last but not least, you need to consider all of the pros and cons and if this purchase is worth the price. Most Louboutin shoes are priced over a grant, however, there are some more basic models that are between $600 - $700, it all depends on what you are comfortable spending.

Good luck finding your perfect red "sole mate"!

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