The Importance of Setting Goals

Setting Personal Goals

The new year is here and so is the season of New Year's Resolutions. We all have at some point set a resolution for ourselves that lasted just as long as the New Year's Countdown. Whether you want to get rid of those extra lbs. you gained during the holidays, or kick a bad habit to the curb,  the truth is that New Year's Resolutions have a bad rep and are prone to failure just by default. It's almost like being on one of those Survivor islands where only the strongest survive. Okay, maybe I am taking it a bit overboard with the Survivor reference, but you get my point. That is why I don't even bother with New Year's Resolutions, but I do have decided to set Yearly Goals for myself,  rather than resolutions. Not everyone may have a resolution but EVERYONE has some type of goals in their life. The new year is the perfect time to think about what your goals are in life, and deciding on which ones you want to tackle first. A few years ago I have started making a list of 10 goals each year; I know that might sound a bit drastic, and you're probably thinking, what an Overachiever, but the truth is, the more goals you set for yourself the more you will accomplish.

Why It's Important

Everyone has some type of goals in life, no matter how small they may be, they are important. By sitting down and thinking about what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year you are taking the first step towards success and really committing to making a change in your life. At the end of the year, once you start checking off your list, you feel a sense of accomplishment and will be proud of how you have spent the last year. The truth is, unless you consciously know what your goals are, what it is you are working so hard for, you will lack motivation and your success rate will be much lower.

How To Set Your Goals

Take out a clean sheet of paper, because the new year is like a new beginning, you get to start fresh regardless of how crappy the previous year has been. Make a list 1-10 and start writing down what it is you hope to work towards in the new year. All of your goals don't have to be drastic goals like changing your Career path or moving to a new city, etc., I like to have 3-4 really big points on my list and the rest can be as simple as, being happier, being more grateful, eating better, giving back to others, and so on...the importance lies more in understanding your own dreams and hopes for the future and making a conscious decision in working towards them. I like to make my list colorful and bright, this is not a chore list or a to do list so don't make it look dreadful. Then I either hang my list somewhere I can see it often or I keep it in my wallet. I have even used it as a screen saver on my phone. You don't want to look at your list all the time, with the fear that time is ticking away and you haven't been able to check anything off your list. Simply keep it in the back of your mind and revisit every month or so. This doesn't have to be a big project either, my very first List of Goals in 2010 was on a napkin, what can I say, I was at a restaurant when I decided that I needed to make a clear plan for my future and I had to jot it down then and there while I was still motivated. My point is, you can do this anywhere, anytime, no excuses!

How It Will Change Your Life

The good news is that even if you end up with some unfinished business at the end of the year, you can simply keep those bullet points on next year's list. I have had some of my goals on my list for years, I recently found my 2010 napkin and looking back I was able to check off every single item on the list even if I didn't accomplish it that year, some bigger goals simply take longer but the importance lies in realizing your goals and making the conscious decision to work towards them.

This is obviously only one way of doing this, and it doesn't mean that what works for me will work for you, but I do hope that this post might motivate some of you to take your future in your own hands and work hard towards your dreams, because everything is achievable if you have the right mind-set and are willing to work-work-work! (Yep I just had my Iggy Azalea moment) ❤️M

                                       "Success is not final. 

                              Failure is not fatal. 

                         It is the courage to continue 
                                       that counts"
                                                                                                      - Winston Churchill
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