2014 Year Recap

As each year comes to an end I like to look back on all of the adventures and beautiful places I visited throughout the year. Each year I am grateful that I am blessed to travel the world, learn about different cultures and meet amazing new people. Whether this was due to my work or a personal choice, I am always happy with the experiences that each trip has given me. 
I will remember 2014 for many other reasons as well, I celebrated my first year living in Atlanta, which had its own challenges and gratifying moments. This year I felt more adjusted to my new home, making new friends and truly embracing and getting to know the city through my own eyes. 
I have also made some career changes in the past year which have turned out to be exciting and rewarding, giving me the opportunity to travel the world and truly feel challenged. Right at the beginning of the year I made the decision to completely change my dietary habits as well, and cut out certain foods and products. I have become more cautious about what it is that I put in my body. This definitely wasn't an easy decision, and I do have my own cheat days, but I stuck through it and continue to educate myself on nutrition and food. 
Last, but not least, I will cherish 2014 as the year I started The Traveling Stilettos, which has been at times difficult and overwhelming. Starting a blog has turned out to be harder than I ever imagined, but at the same time so much more rewarding than I expected. My initial goal for starting a lifestyle blog was very simple, I was frequently asked by friends and acquaintances where I purchased some of my clothing, what products I liked to use, what places they should visit on their vacation, etc. I figured this would be a great way to share some of my own experiences and also exchange ideas with others. My friends and family have been a great help in making this happen and if you are reading this, then you as well have helped in getting this little project of mine started, and for that I want to say thank you. So many of you have sent me ideas and suggestions for future posts and improvements that I am positively overwhelmed and excited about what 2015 will bring. 
I believe that we should always continue to grow as individuals and work on improving ourselves, whether that may be personally, professionally or in some other way. This year I have learned how to forgive, how to be more spontaneous and live in the moment; I have learned that it's important to chase your dreams even if they scare you, or the chances of failing seem too great to even try.  
This year has been great in so many ways and difficult at the same time. I had moments of weakness and moments I wasn't proud of, but I did learn from my mistakes, that is why 2014 has been a year of personal growth for me, and I can't wait to continue my journey in 2015.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and loving New Year, may your own journey be rewarding and fulfilling. 

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