Journey Through Switzerland

I have returned from my most recent "Euro-trip" a week ago, and have been extremely busy catching up with work and my social life since I've been on the road for the majority of October. However, I have been looking forward to sharing my journey through Switzerland with you all. Every time I visit this gorgeous country I fall in love all over again. There is simply so much to see that one trip leaves you wanting more. I was fully prepared for the gorgeous views, but not quiet for the cold weather. Since this trip was very spontaneous, and I tend to make spontaneous decisions often when I am on the road, I did not have the right hiking attire, nonetheless, I made it work considering the circumstances. We took a trip to Ebenalp which is in the northern Appenzell Alp; the summit is accessible by cable car as well as by foot which is quiet the hike. We opted to take the cable car to the top where we took in the breathtaking panoramic views, and then hiked down the trail, through caves, a church, and finally our last destination the famous guest house and restaurant "Berggastaus Äscher-Wildkirchli". This is where we also had lunch and enjoyed local specialties like "Rösti" and homemade apple sauce. Here are some pictures from our journey through Switzerland. ❤️M

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