Los Angeles

You know you are getting on a plane to California when every passenger is wearing flip flops in mid October and their only carry-on is a skateboard. It's impossible to spend time in California without being affected by the easy going nature of the people and beautiful weather, not to mention the gorgeous views. Although, this was not my first trip to "Cali" it has been the first time I got to spend more than just a couple of days in this beautiful part of the country. As soon as I landed I wanted to get out and take in the rays on this 97 degree day. My first stop? Of course the Griffith Observatory located in the Hollywood Hills. What better way to spend my first day in Los Angeles; not only can you take in the best views of the city, but also the famous Hollywood sign. After visiting the Observatory I decided to head to Huntington Beach to meet up with the rest of my team, however, we made our way back to L.A. the following morning for some shopping fun in Beverly Hills.

Day 1 - Griffith Observatory

Day 2 -  Walk of Fame, Hollywood Hills & Beverly Hills









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