Milano - Part 2

Our second day in Milan started with a tour of the Duomo, since it's location is centered in the middle of the city, it is impossible to miss this breathtaking cathedral, or resist taking in a 360 view of Milano from its rooftop. Be aware that the dress code is very strict, no skirts above the knee and it's suggested to wear a long sleeved top in order to get past the guards at the entrance. The inside of the cathedral is just as beautiful as the outside and was probably the favorite part of my trip. Following our Duomo tour we had drinks and lunch at Aperol restaurant which also has an amazing terrace overlooking the Duomo square. Although I was not impressed with the food, drinks and desserts were amazing and definitely worth the visit. If you are lucky you might also run into a fashion shoot in the middle of the street like we did. Here are a few snapshots of our second day in Milan. 

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