Tips For Wearing A Backless Dress

Well, all good things must come to an end, and this post is from my last day in the Dominican Republic (sad face) For our last dinner at the resort I wore this gorgeous semi-backless dress from Dress Up boutique in Atlanta. Most girls have a terrified look on their face when they hear backless dress, and this is probably because of all the things that could go wrong when wearing a dress with an uncovered back, including the lack of breast support.  Here are a few tips if you are considering wearing a backless dress.

1.  Before going bra-less take into consideration the color of your dress, material and thickness, you don't want to give everyone a show. Also make sure you are comfortable with this decision, you don't want to feel paranoid and keep checking on whether anything is showing or popping out.

2. Consider wearing a low back bra, stick-on bra, pasties or Bare Lift tape, there are so many options.

3. If you are wearing a dress without any structure double sided tape will be your best friend, Hollywood Fashion Tape seems to be the most popular brand out there based on the reviews.

4. Bras with a clear strap are a no go and end up looking tacky.

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