LE TOTE - Fashion & Jewelry Subscription Review

Hi lovelies! Have you ever been on a budget but wanted to still rock the latest fashion? Or maybe you hate wearing the same outfit twice...well perhaps LE TOTE is the subscription for you. If you haven't heard about fashion subscriptions before,  don't feel bad...I am totally new to this idea myself, so I decided to try it out for a month and share my experience with you. 

Here is a quick 4-1-1...

1. Pay a $49/month subscription to letote.com

2. Choose your favorite looks on the website

3. LE TOTE sends you a box of goodies

4. You wear the clothes, keep them if you love them OR put them inside your return envelope provided by LE TOTE and ship those babes back. (You will be charged for the items you keep)

5. A few days layer you get a new box of goodies, repeat the process. You can do this an unlimited number of times within the month.

What I like about it...
- most of the clothes are super cute
- the clothes are delivered to your door, it kinda feels like having a stylist
- the clothes you choose to keep are charged at a discounted rate compared to retail
- you dont have to wash the clothes before sending them back
- shipping is free
- LE TOTE sometimes throws in a present...for fourth of July I got star studded earrings which I loved! 

What I didn't like
- you never know what you might get, although it is kind of exciting, not all of the clothes are picked out by you...you may get something you didn't mark on the site.
- you have to wait about 5 days for your new box

So far I haven't had that many negatives, the process is super easy and kind of fun. I am currently waiting on my second box which is already on it's way. If you have been thinking about trying LE TOTE I say go for it...you can always cancel your subscription or put a hold on it if you need a break. Feel free to share your experience with me.

Here are a few photos of my first box...I will also post some of the outfits I put together with my LE TOTE items this week.


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