Everything Will Be OK - NIKE AIR MAX

Every day is like a clean sheet of paper, it's a chance to start all over again regardless of what yesterday may have been like. At least twice a day I pass by this sign that reminds me, and numerous others on their daily commute, that "everything will be OK" and the truth is, it will be. Recently a colleague said to me that it must be great to have such a carefree life, I really wasn't sure how to take it, for a moment I though "he either knows nothing about me or perhaps I am just a good actress." The point is that we all have our own problems and hurdles in life, it's up to us whether we let them break us or keep moving on. The more you talk about your problems and hold on to all your negativity the more you will attract.  No matter how stressful your situation may be, it is important to stay positive and not dwell on our yesterdays because they may keep us from creating better tomorrows. Now that we got our shot of positive energy for the day, let's talk about some F-A-S-H-I-O-N!
This look is definitely inspired by my recent trip to Europe, everywhere I went girls were rocking skinny jeans and AirMax, so I figured I'll switch it up a bit and rock a more sporty me. Every girl needs a good pair of running shoes, and these babes turned out to be so freaking comfortable, who would have thought. There are so many colors to choose from I am already looking forward to my next pair.

As always, my loves, thanks for following and sharing.


Shoes: NIKE
Jeans: Seven Jeans
Scarf: Forever21
Sunglasses: Forever21

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