10 Spring/Summer Must Haves Under $40

When you love fashion every new season is exciting and feels like a clean slate, out with the old and in with the new! Spring and Summer have always been my favorite seasons, not sure if it's the bright colors or endless possibilities that won me over, regardless, I am just a happier person April through September. There are actual studies that show wearing color can improve moods, confidence, and perception of oneself. Life is too short not to be lived in color, that's why today's post is bright and happy. Here are some of my colorful and fun "Spring/Summer Must Haves" I hope you like floral cause this years trends are "all floral everything" and to make this a little more exciting I challenged myself to find every trend for under $40 here are my results!

1. Polarized Sunglasses
These are so much fun and popping up all over the place. RayBan makes the best ones in my opinion because you have three fun colors to choose from. However, if you don't want to drop $170 on sunglasses, you can find these babes at Forever 21 for less than $6, talk about a steal......

2. Panama Hats
These hats are a Blogger Favorite and have been trending for a while now. You can choose from a bold color to the basic black or neutral style. Even if you aren't a big hat fan, these are so easy to pair with any outfit whether it's casual or dressy.

3. Floral
As I have already mentioned get ready for a floral overdose this season. I have never fully embraced floral before, but it's the perfect choice for those days when you feel super girly. I think floral is also very youthful, so if you are looking for a youth fountain you better pick up a floral dress girlfriend. 

4. Lace
Unlike number 3, I have been rocking lace for years. I feel like lace can be classy and sexy at the same time. This year you can pretty much find anything in lace, from skirts, to dresses, tops, I have even seen jean jackets with lace details, just don't overdue it!

5. Headbands
I am not sure where you can find headbands like the one pictured here, I found mine at Forever 21 and it was the only print they had. I haven't shopped there in a while so when I did stop by the other day I kinda went overboard with some great finds. The best part about this headband is that it had a wire inside which makes it easy to hold in place. I hope I can find some more colors/prints, so if you find them anywhere else let a girl know. :) 

6. Overall Shorts
I kind of wish I would have kept these from a few years ago, as we know fashion is a never ending cycle, everything will come back eventually, sometimes it's best to hold on to some key items like jeans, because they always come back in fashion.

7. Fringe
Fringe is baaack...or maybe it never left, but you will be seeing a whole lot of it throughout the Summer. I picked up this awesome side bag at Marshall's for under $40 and have gotten so much use of it, talk about #fabfound. If you aren't into fringe bags, you can also find tons of crop tops with fringe accents, which I personally love!

8. Neon
I absolutely adore neon colors right now. This neon yellow top by Calvin Klein goes perfectly with jeans, or tucked into shorts and skirts. The vibrant color makes it look fresh and compliments darker tones like navy and black. You may think, "hold up, this top surely wasn't under $40," but it sure was! It's another fab found from Marshall's and was around $30 if I'm not mistaken.

9. Tribal, Tribal, Tribal
A trend that has been lingering around for quiet some time is tribal prints. I have to admit I have had these "hammer pants" for a few months now, but I wear them all the time. The print makes them perfect for both casual and dressy looks. I like to pair mine up with tank tops or cropped t-shirts and a cute sandal, but flats also work perfectly. 

10. Midi Rings
And last but not least, the phenomenon that is the midi ring (LOL) I have seen so many bloggers post about these and though I would see what the fuss is about. Honestly, I loved the look, but found myself messing with them way too much. You can really find them anywhere, I picked these up at Forever 21 for less than $2.

I hope you guys enjoyed my list of "Spring/Summer Must Haves Under $40", although I love all of my designer clothes, you can obviously stay fashionable on any budget. Thanks for checking out my post and don't forget to comment, share and follow. M

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