Threading vs. Waxing

The hardest thing about moving to a new city, besides making new friends, is finding someone you can trust with your hair, nails, and waxing needs. Personally, I am a very loyal client when I find someone who is good at what they do, and that's what made this process especially difficult for me...
Believe it or not I still drive to North Carolina to get my hair done...the things we do for beauty. I have found a few good places to get my nails done but nothing that rocked my socks off, so if you live in the Atlanta area feel free to share your favorite spots with me, I am open to any suggestions. And finally about the waxing, well, that's what this entire post is about isn't it? I made an appointment at a waxing place in Dunwoody called Unique Threading & Body Waxing. It's close to where I live and the reviews seemed to be pretty good. I walked in without an appointment which was absolutely no problem. The area that desperately needed some TLC was my eyebrows, but I am sure they can handle any other needs you may have (wink). I decided to be adventurous and told the girl I wanted them threaded. I have heard so many great things about threading vs. waxing that it was time for me to see what it was all about. If you are unfamiliar with threading, it's a method of hair removal that is said to have originated in India. A thin thread is used to remove rows of hair at a time by twisting and rolling it over the desired area.

And this is why I will never wax again:
1. No burned skin.
If you have been waxing for a while, you know the risks of getting burned if the wax is too hot. Although it only happened to me a couple of times, it wasn't a pleasant experience and I wouldn't want to revisit it.
2. Allergies.
The first time I got waxed I had an allergic reaction to the wax, which was also unpleasant and looked horrible. If you have sensitive skin you are at a greater risk of having an allergic reaction. This takes me to number 3.
3. Sanitation.
Unlike waxing, there is no risks of double dipping when you get threaded. Besides my sensitive skin, the thought of double dipping in wax grosses me out.
4. Faster recovery.
I think its inevitable that you will walk around with red skin for a few hours. However, I noticed that the redness didn't last as long after my threading appointment as it did after waxing.
5. It lasts longer.
Although the threading process takes a bit longer than waxing, the results lasted for twice as long. I didn't have to go back for an entire month, and if you ask me that's definitely worth it.
6. Your skin will love you.
Waxing can have some side effects like lifting and tearing of the skin and even over-exfoliation.
7. "Ahhhmazingness"!
And last but not least, my eyebrows looked "aaaaahmazing". They were a lot cleaner and more defined than they had been in the past which was exactly what I had hoped for.

Here is a picture I took an hour after my appointment.

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