Street Look - Short Shorts

I am finally feeling better, kissing this cold goodbye has been long overdue, and with that I am ready to throw on some short shorts and get out of the house. I always loved wearing shorts and skirts that were a bit on the shorter side because they show off my legs, with that said I think you can still look classy as long as you
know how to pair them with the right tops. The easiest way to do that is to cover up on top, which is exactly what I did for this look. You can easily recreate this look with any pair of black shorts, a cool sweatshirt like the one I am wearing from forever21 and a blouse in any print or color. Don't focus too much on matching colors, since most of this look is neutral you can add some POC (pop of color) with a bright    bag, lipstick or jewelry.

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    Shorts: ZARA
    Top: Forever21
    Blouse: H&M
    Shoes: ZARA
    Bag: Nine West

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