Blue Leather

This is by far one of my favorite posts! I think sometimes the best outfits are the ones you spend no time putting together and then turn out to be great. I tend to do that a lot and this is one of those "thrown together" outfits I adore. While looking at Zara's spring collection I really fell in love with this blue "leather" skirt, I think the zipper really called my name (that's my way of justifying a purchase). I think that every look should have one key item, everything else should compliments that piece to keep your outfit from looking too busy, in my case that would be the skirt.
I was going for a street , but you could simply pair this skirt with a black tank top and sandals if you don't want to look as edgy
This outfit is featured on Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed Challenge, if you like this look please vote by following this link: Vanity Fair

As always,  Manuela

Shirt: ZARA
Skirt: ZARA
Shoes: Michael Kors
Bag: Coach
Photos by: Catie B Photography

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